What Is Employee Engagement? And why you should care

What Is Employee Engagement? And why you should care

Employee engagement means the commitment of employees towards the Company’s interests, reputation and goals.

Employee satisfaction has nothing to do with employee engagement. Employee satisfaction is easy to achieve, but the client will only be committed to doing their daily duty and their main goal will be to receive a paycheck or promotion. They will never think about contributing to the welfare of the company, you might be able to get the job done but will never be able to move forward. An engaged employee will care for the company and will try his/her best to make sure they get their job done perfectly while doing something extra for the company. They will think creatively and will come up with bright ideas, instead of just completing what they are told to do, they will try to get the job done more effectively by being more creative and putting more effort. Even if they have to work some extra hours they will still do it without anyone asking for it because they care about the company and want it to flourish.

employee engagement motivationMotivation and employee involvement play an important role in Employee engagement. When a problem arises, don’t just figure out the solution and instruct employees to work on the solution. You need to get them involved when the problem arises for better relation and better results. When the problem arises, you need to motivate them that they are the solution to the problem and they need to figure out a way to solve it. Many common factors play an important role in employee engagement such as regular feedback, Basic material and equipment for job, positive relationship, and realistic aims, etc.

Employee engagement can be measured by conducting specific employee surveys which are designed to see employee engagement. You need to conduct a proper survey and make sure you act on findings. This way, employees will have a feeling that the company actually cares about them and understand their needs so in return they will do the same for the company. It is important for the leaders to understand both individual and group engagement while developing plans. This will ensure each individual needs and keep balance between them while keeping unity of effort at group level.

Now the question is how employee engagement helps in increase company’s worth? The process is actually quite simple, while employees will be engaged, they will provide better service with higher quality and productivity. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction as they receive better service. Due to higher customer satisfaction overall sales will also increase that will increase the company’s overall level if profits. And all this leads to higher shareholder returns.

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