Teambuilding & Employee Engagement with Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The Challenge

Following a reorganisation of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) operation division, there was a real need to create new teams in different geographical locations around Scotland.

This involved the merging of different offices creating new teams so they could use their individual abilities to work together as a team in a manner of trust and openness to improve the communication and therefore the performance of the Teams.

The main aims of the workshops:

To start the teambuilding process with the team, and to use their combined abilities to enhance the team performance

Give individuals the opportunity to consider their relationship with other team members that will facilitate the use of positive feedback between members

Identify and agree the critical success factors for their team

Practice and effectively use a process of teamworking that will transfer back into the everyday working environment

Develop an action plan to meet the critical success factors

To have fun and enjoy the process

Understand the different styles of team members and to maximize the strengths of each individual

Pre Workshop

We believed it was of real benefit to meet the team leaders beforehand to share their perceptions of the success criteria for their workshop. This way we maximised the time spent on the workshop. It gave the team leaders the opportunity to have an input to the content of the workshop; they were also given an overview of the process to be used; and meet the facilitator.

At this stage we also took the opportunity to issue participants with their Belbin Team Type questionnaires with the feedback being given on the workshop.

Outputs Included:

  • Understand strengths of team members

  • Engaged and motivated team

  • Focus on priorities

  • Team leading the process

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