Achieve great results from your Team Building in Scotland

Achieve great results from your Team Building in Scotland

Vital Resources have built our reputation in our creative approach to building teams.

We pioneered the sensible use of the outdoor team building in Scotland, the use of psychometrics to assist perception and feedback and at the same time making the process effective, enjoyable and fun.

I meet many companies who believe it is enough to take everyone down the pub have a few drinks and you will have an effective team. Of course it is good to have fun and socialise, I met a group yesterday on the train to Aberdeen heading to Perth Races full of fun and anticipation, they will probably talk about the experience for weeks to come, however, you need to ask the question will the business operate any more effectively. The point is don’t confuse getting together and having fun as a substitute for effective team building.

We have seen remarkable successes from our work with teams. They have been able to define ‘what is possible’ and work towards a common goal.

Having always used the experiential approach believing in the old maxim of…

[Tweet “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand – Confucius”]

[Tweet “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn – Benjamin Franklin”]

So how do we help you achieve great results?

We start with the following…

>  We change the structure of the organisation

>  We put the people who make the money at the CORE of the business with their team leader

>  We give their leader new skills, they are no longer progress chasers and become facilitators. We identify the SUPPORT. These are the people and functions who give help to the core

>  Finally we identify the BOUNDARY these are the people usually at the top of the organisation whose role is to manage the outside of the organisation and make sure the core is receiving the support required.

By just changing the structure will give you immediate results. You will notice quality will improve, your people will feel engaged. Of course the process needs to be trained in, that’s where Vital Resources come in.

Read more about Vital Resources approach to Team Building and Engagement here.


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