Switch on the Passion Workshop

To assist you address the engagement challenge we offer a two day practical in company workshop that will help you create, strengthen and maintain employee engagement.

Switch On The Passion Workshop

Workshop details

You will leave with an agreed plan for engagement in your business that everyone on the workshop has bought into and can start to implement the actions immediately.

At the end of the workshop your team will:-

  • understand what drives engagement and why it matters
  • understand the reasons why your people may have become disengaged
  • consider the context of engagement in your business
  • develop an engagement plan for immediate implementation
  • consider the leadership attributes required to operate in an engaged environment
  • created champions for change
  • be introduced to a leading engagement survey tool

What participants from workshops have said

We have assisted many companies across most sectors on their engagement journey.

  • We are making major improvements in our non-compliance”
  • Individuals have gained in confidence”
  • People are working more effectively together”
  • Atmosphere on the plant has changed”
  • Individuals are confident and at ease with each other”
  • People are now challenging things – ‘we’ve always done it this way’”

Workshop details


We recommend a diagonal slice of staff attend max 12 to 15. This way you share the perceptions of a cross section of your employees and of course they become ‘champions’ for an engaged workforce.


2 days at your premises or a suitable external venue.

Cost of Workshop

Our fee of £2,000 plus VAT, for the two day workshop which includes a pre workshop conversation to discuss outputs. All facilitation, materials and handouts.

The client is responsible for the venue costs of where the workshop will be held.

Travel is charged at £0.50 per mile. The client is responsible for our facilitators overnight accommodation if required.

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