Performance Management

When a person starts a job they have 3 questions to ask… What do you expect from me… how well am I doing… and how are you going to help me do it better! Sadly these questions are often not answered.

Performance Management

Feedback is the primary means for recognising good performance and for redirecting behaviour that needs to be improved. Feedback helps individuals to keep their behaviour on target and achieve their goals. A robust Performance Management system helps open the channels of communication. Depending on the companies needs Performance Management can take many formats, from a blank piece of paper to 360 feedback, peer group assessment and even customer feedback. The key requirement is that the employee receives feedback to enable development.

Vital Resources have introduced performance management systems in many sectors. We would love to share our experience with you regarding the effectiveness of your present system or if you are considering introducing a new process. A robust system certainly is a useful tool in Managing your Talent.


Engineering firms Performance Management System case study

The company requires a highly skilled engineering workforce. They are in the same market for skills as industries such as the Scottish Oil Industry.

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