Friday share from Vital Resources (One Page Business Plan)

Friday share from Vital Resources (One Page Business Plan)

It is Friday and we want to share a useful tool that may help you with your role.

Have you heard the one about consultants being accused of picking up ideas from clients and selling them on to the next client?

Here is an idea that has given us that eureka moment which we are happy to pass on. Manage Your World on One Page. (

Our clients Johnson and Johnson recently asked us to run our programme for their senior management team to assist their goal setting and productivity improvements. There, this very simple but effective planning tool was utilised.

1-paging is simply the practice of cutting through life’s confusion by actively managing your world on a single page. The book Manage your World on One Page (Amazon £10.99) introduces the 1-page Game Plan. This great 1-paging tool will help your team or even your global organisation, to get and stay focussed on executing the things that deliver success. We have already used it with 3 of our clients to assist in constructing a marketing strategy, a commercial plan and a manufacturing strategy.

I hope you find the Manage Your World on One Page useful and helpful in your role. If you want to find out about more tools we use and how we can help get in touch.

What other tips do you have for business teams? Share your advice in the comments!


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