How much is Non-conformance costing you?

How much is Non-conformance costing you?

I have been astounded over the last few years at how much Non-conformance is costing some of our clients.. It seems to be a real problem for many. It is not just the financial costs, it also affects moral, engagement and innovation.

When you start to look at it, most of them at some point have introduced quality programmes, lean concepts and measurement techniques.

So what has gone wrong?

I use the Tom Peters quote…

You will not create change if you have ‘Systems without Passion’ or ‘Passion without Systems’.

I think we constantly make the mistake of concentrating all our efforts and money on the ‘Systems’ and forget that it is our people who are going to energise and make it work.

What is ‘Passion’. It’s about leaders beating the drum, creating champions and behaving to the values. It’s about recognising what our customers need both internally and externally and creating a Service Excellence culture.

So don’t despair if your Non-conformance is costing you, think about the tools you already have and switch on the ‘Passion’.

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