Leadership Coaching

Some of the toughest decisions made within an organisation involve the recruitment, promotion, development and counselling of key personnel.

Leadership Coaching

We offer a unique range of services that help you develop your staff. Some of the toughest decisions made within an organisation involve the recruitment, promotion, development and coaching of key personnel.

Having a coach offers a different perspective allowing you to see yourself as others see you.

Promoting staff from being an effective Middle Manager into a Senior Management Role

One of the major challenges is taking someone who is a good middle manager and promoting them into a senior management position. We help them learn the new skills needed to develop a strategic approach.

Past performance in a technical speciality is not in itself predictive of future managerial performance

Often people are promoted into a management position because of their good technical skills, and they need help to manage the transition and challenge of managing staff.

Personal styles and personalities may not be compatible with the needs of the organisation

Interpersonal styles of individuals may require adjusting to reduce conflict and develop an effective team culture.

How we do it

We listen to the needs of the organisation and then listen to the needs of the individual. We then use our vast experience as business consultants to provide coaching and mentoring help. We are able to assist individuals develop a toolbox of techniques and processes to aid development.

Recent assignments

A General Manager who was overlooked for promotion and was going to resign from the company. This would have been a massive loss to the business. We worked with him to identify how his present role could be developed to give him the job satisfaction he always desired. This ended up in a win win for both the individual and the the company.

Assisting a Managing Director who was promoted to a corporate global role to scope out the main challenges of the new position. This identified the WHAT (i.e. what he was being asked to do) and the HOW (i.e. how he would approach the new position and  how he would tackle the challenges that he would face).

Working with highly technical professionals who were being fast tracked into senior management positions helping them plan and address the major challenges in their new career.

The use of psychometric tools in coaching

Where appropriate we use some of the most recent psychometric tools to assist in our coaching assignments. Over many years of using these tools we find them to be extremely useful. as part of our toolbox to assist clients. They are excellent for gathering feedback both from the individual and from others.

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