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We work with many managers who have discovered that life as a leader is more difficult than they ever imagined. The move from middle management to a senior management position is often the most challenging part of an individual’s personal development.

You’re an ideal client for Vital Resources if you are an Oil & Gas, Manufacturing or Manager with any of these goals:

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These are traits you wouldn’t expect from your typical OD partner. And they’re exactly why Vital Resources delivers anything but typical results. Our focus for over 20 years has been developing leaders to drive their organisations goals. We understand your business, your industry, your customers, and what’s important to you.

What makes Vital Resources different?

We believe what makes us unique is that we don’t only act as a coach, but a good deal of our time is also spent working as organisation development consultants helping leaders meet the challenges that organisational life presents.

This allows us to provide access to the many useful tools that we utilise on our strategic assignments, which can help leaders to be more effective when working with their own teams.

We have helped individuals from many industry’s and organisations, including GulfMark, Wood Group, SPX, SEPA and Whyte & Mackays.

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