Developing Leadership Skills Workshop

A practical workshop that encourages participants to examine their management and leadership style.

Developing Leadership Skills

The workshop is especially useful for those who have moved from a middle management position to a senior leadership role and for those coming from a technical role also into a senior leadership position.

Programme Overview 

Designed for Directors, Managers & Team Leaders

  • Who have moved into a senior role and need to extend their influence across the company to successfully implement strategies
  • Who wish or need to review their leadership style to build commitment to a vision through effective communication
  • Who are technically excellent but need to develop their interpersonal style and the positive impact their style has on results
  • Who need help to understand their capacity for change?
  • Who need to lead, coach and engage their team to share responsibility and enhance performance
  • Who are being considered for promotion to or within the senior management structure?
  • Who need to understand the impact their behaviour is having on others?
  • Or have a leadership style that is not in line with today’s requirements?

It is designed to let each participant identify their capability for change by evaluating options to change their current style and by exploring their capacity for utilizing “Coping Mechanisms” where appropriate.

 Our Approach 

As with all our programmes, the emphasis is on involvement and participation. Our use of traditional and contemporary theories, models and tools are carefully integrated with practical work to maximize the learning potential of each session. In UYLP the creative original and sensible use of exercises provides an exciting, challenging and business focus.

Understand your leadership potential focuses on developing the management and interpersonal tools that you need to collaborate with and inspire others toward a common goal. You will learn new ways to influence, get buy-in, and collaborate across traditional boundaries.

Open programme or In-House 

U.Y.L.P. is extremely effective as an open programme where participants are drawn from a range of companies. This is particularly useful where participants will benefit from working with a peer group, graining an in-sight into different company philosophies, style and approaches to work. Some participants feel more comfortable working on their leadership style and impact in the absence of their own colleagues.

Conversely, U.Y.L.P. is also extremely effective as an in-house programme where participants will typically be drawn from different departments or business units.

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