Why are we not developing leaders who can inspire their people?

Why are we not developing leaders who can inspire their people?

I meet a lot of people socially and when I ask them what their job is the discussion usually centres around how much they hate their job.

I know from working with people over the years that the majority of people I meet are decent individuals who actually want to do a good job. I haven’t met too many people who wake up in the morning and say I am going into work today to do a bad job.

So where is the disconnect?… I believe it can only be poor leadership. Why are we not developing leaders who can inspire their people to at least want to come to work and contribute to the success of their organisation?

I don’t think it is a complicated answer.

It many cases leaders have come from a technical background and now find that leading people is a big challenge. I remember my first attempt at being a team leader. They dressed me up in white overalls, gave me a white hard hat and sent me to supervise the people I had been working with the week before.

So what was supposed to happen? Was the magic fairy supposed to come to me over the weekend and give me the skills to become a ‘team leader’. Ok the white overalls have gone but sadly we are still doing this today. Are we surprised that leaders then go into their shell, try and contribute the best they can, but usually in the areas they were good at before.

The hardest bit of development is taking someone from being in an operational role and putting them into a strategic role. The skills are so different. They need to think ahead and that’s when they start to inspire and engage their people.

It is so easy to help these people and it is fine to say to them that it’s ok to feel out of your depth, why should they know what to do or how to behave when all they could do was watch the person before them… never the best way to learn.

I started this blog by highlighting why people feel disengaged. Don’t wait for the next blog for more reasons. Our new website is full of ways to we help clients!


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