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Perry Kennedy | CMO, GulfMark

I pretty much already knew where I wanted my team to be, it was the complexities of prioritising the 1001 stepping stones that I was having some difficulty juggling with, …on my own.

I needed to get the experienced people that I had known and worked with for some time, fully on side. I needed to get them to realise their own potential and therefore the wider potential of the group.

When I first made contact with Vital Resources MD, Bill Stoddart I immediately sensed that I was going to get there. A few weeks later, Vital Resources input to our commercial strategy workshop was invigorating. Bill’s years of business experience and simple to understand techniques added significant value. What transpired was a most profitable workshop, professionally lead in a practical and engaging way. I wished I had met him a couple of years back.

Of course it didn’t end there: the visions, goals and strategy’s we left our workshop with had to be followed up on and the simple techniques Bill had taught us greatly simplified the process. Bill hasn’t policed our process, he has full confidence that we’re on track, but he has provided me with very useful follow up coaching on an ad hoc basis to ensure our potential is being optimised.

I would highly recommend Bill Stoddart and Vital Resources to participate in your journey, to energise or simply re-energise your people and get the best out of your business with full cooperation and fun!

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Gulfmark provides marine transportation services through a fleet of offshore support vessels serving every major offshore energy market in the world.

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