Been or about to be made redundant? or looking for a career change?

Are you faced with a life changing situation.

Do you require some clarity and direction to plan your next step.

Employee Engagement

You’re in the right place

You may be faced with a life changing situation of losing your job and don’t know where to turn, or you feel it is time for a change but haven’t considered what is possible. Vital Resources have a team of highly experienced consultants who can help you with an objective appraisal of your career options


What we believe makes us different.

Our background is in Organisation Development so we understand business needs and the importance of a successful fit both for the organisation and you. We will help you to prepare and give you the tools and encouragement with this in mind.We believe that building your network is crucial to success. Most of our clients come to us by personal recommendation.

Recent successes: we have helped clients achieve new positions, CEO in ship repair, logistics position in aviation and technical position in nuclear industry.


Get started with a Confidential Consultation

Every client is an individual and has their own needs, we tailor our support with this in mind. You will very quickly realise this after our first meeting.

Identify ‘What is possible’

  • In depth look at your present position and the start of developing goals and a plan to meet your future employment targets
  • Start your action plan
  • Develop an appropriate CV highlighting your skills, experience and achievements
  • Agreement on what you should expect from VR and what VR expects of you

Engagement with the Market

  • How to effectively use employment agencies, head-hunters and job boards
  • Develop your marketing plan and your own network
  • Hands on introduction to Linked In and how to use it to enhance your job hunt
  • The skills of networking
  • Making your application effective through support emails

Preparation for your interview

  • Identify your strengths and your fit for the vacancy
  • Psychometric test to identify your personality traits and how you cope with different situations.
  • Anticipate the questions you will be asked and what you need to get out of the interview

Last months success stories. Client P:- offered senior position in ship repair industry. Client J :- down to shortlist of two in the nuclear industry. Client P:- 3 offers in logistics in Aviation industry.

If you work with us we can never guarantee that we can walk you into a job, however you will be working with an organisation that prides itself in putting you first. We are always happy for you to speak with past clients.

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