5 Essentials for Project Team Success

5 Essentials for Project Team Success

The vast majority of our assignments in the last few years have been to help organisations energise project team’s of various types and sizes.

It never ceases to amaze that organisations still put groups of people together to work on a project without giving everyone involved the opportunity to be clear of the goals/objectives of the project and there part in it.

Very often many months into the task, team members still don’t know what the sponsors expectations are… this results in team members working hard but usually in their own little silos.

By taking time out with the team at the start of the project these issues can easily be resolved which results in…

  • Increasing productivity of the team by planning for success
  • Driving results through the optimal use of resources
  • Maximising the outcome by asking ‘what is possible’

The team returns to work knowing the impact of aiming for the best possible result and having a plan to achieve it.

What does this knowledge look like in action?

  • Greater productivity by engaging in activity that delivers a planned result
  • Improved use of information
  • Efficient operations within constraints of existing work environment
  • Optimal results by focussing on the best possible outcome.

5 Essentials for your Project Team success

1) Ask ’what is possible’ to achieve maximum results

2) Value all available information

3) Plan for and overcome potential barriers

4) Help the team be productive not simply active

5) Get agreement on the success criteria and develop an action plan with timescales agreed by all.

Key Takeaways

The bottom line is simple, the upfront cost of taking time out at the beginning of a project bears no resemblance to the cost when of people are unclear of their part in the process.

If you are thinking of putting any project team together or your team has lost its direction we can assist you. Contact us today!


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